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Hi, My name is Eric Medwid. Contact me with any of your home improvement needs. I am here to serve you and provide you with the best service possible at a price that you can afford. I look forward to making new friends not just another customer!

Who are we and why choose us..

E. Medwid Painting, Pressurewashing & Handyman service is a privately owned business with a reputation for quality workmanship and best replica watches exceptionally prompt service. All work is handled in a professional manner according to standard practices. To maintain the highest quality of work, none of our jobs are subcontracted out.

The company has been in business for 12 years now with the owner estimating, conducting, overseeing and participating in all projects to ensure each one is completed to the highest quality standards available. By doing so, we maintain our reputation as top notch workers in our area and provide quality and satisfaction untouched by any other company. Customer satisfaction is our true reward and the Special Winter Low Rates on Interior Painting in January 2016!

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Office phone: (781) 326-6562